Getting started

In general

  • Download and install
  • A Github account authenticated with a ssh key pair
  • Access to
    • github.com/refinio/one.core
git clone https://github.com/refinio/one.models
cd one.models
npm install

About the project

Main models used in one built in one package

Project structure in general

  • Source files go into the /src folder.
  • Test files into /test folder.
  • They will both be process by build.js and the .ts files will be transpiled into the /lib folder
  • ONE plan modules into /src/plan_modules they are compiled with /build_plan_modules.js


As said we use TypeScript above JavaScript ES6 meaning we use import,export statements instead of require. And have the newest javascript features available

Additional we use prettier.js for automatic code styling. Here you should also copy an existing .prettierc form an existing project.

Most modern IDEs support to file watchers which then can execute scripts on changes. Setup prettier.js and build.js te be run on file changes.


The file @OneCoreTypes.d.ts defines the types this project uses as well as exports

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